Magic Bubble Ball

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Burst your kids’ excitement and play with them with a bubble-like ball that inflates up to 3 feet wide!


If your kid stays on phone all day the Magic Bubble Ball is the solution for this problem! It is perhaps the most versatile indestructible toy that will keep your child entertained all day long!



Feel free to kick, punch, and jump on it without fear of popping it! The ball wobbles, rolls, floats, dribbles, spins, and more! It can easily be deflated when you’re finished playing for easy storage.



Durable, Safe & ECO-friendly – Our Magic Bubble Ball is made of non-toxic PVC vinyl that is heat sealed and tested. Inflatable cushioning makes it safe for for kids of all ages.



Engages Active Play –  These unique, giant, inflatable balls are a great way to get kids outside to play and spend some quality time. Kids will forget all about screens while they’re bouncing and bumping!



Great Gift Idea – Magic Bubble Ball is a perfect gift with a guaranteed HUGE wow factor. Perfect for kids’ birthday gifts, parties, outdoor play, – or just any time for your loved ones.



Strong & Indestructible: It is made of very high quality materials which makes it pretty much indestructible if used properly. We guarantee a long life-span of this fantastic toy and ton of fun time with your kids and loved ones!



Reusable:  This special balloon is easy to fill with air or water and can be used for any occasion. The gift for every season!